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We advice / provide the techniques for solving of problems of your personal and social life as well
as problems faced for achieving the goals of growth, wealth and peace in your life.

Get the introduction to our rich vedic scriptures
Let us have the knowledge of vedas and ourAuthentic spiritual, social, political and
Behavioural knowledge for our growth andPeaceful existence on earth, as given by our ancient Saints since inception of mankind

Visit our website www.ved-yog.com and download the ancient scriptures. It is free.

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  • Ved Bhashya in English English Translation of all the 4 Vedas has been uploaded at our website www.ved-yog.com
  • Patanjal Yog In order to know the real form of Patanjal Yoga, please visit our website www.ved-yog.com
  • VED Samhitas are all the four Vedas are uploaded in PDF Format.
    Explationation of Yajurveda and Rigved done done by Swami Dayanand has since been uploaded at our website www.ved-yog.com
  • Rigved Bhasya Rigved Bhasya by Swami Dayanad Saraswati Uploaded completely at our website www.ved-yog.com
  • Yajurved Bhashya Yajurved Bhashya of Swami Dayanand in Sanskrit and Hindi is loaded fully at our website www.ved-yog.com
  • Vedic Concordance Vedic Concordance = Vaidik Padanukrama Koash in Sanskrit has been uploaded on the site which is first time in the history of internet at our website www.ved-yog.com
  • Online test Online test facility is started on our website www.ved-yog.com to check your knowledge about the Vedic religion.

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